Ecommerce Coach Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Course 

Best digital marketing and ecommerce course for students and job seekers,learn in-demand skills that can have you job-ready in less than 6 months. No degree or
experience required.

Instroctor: Sagar Pundir Top Digital marketing Instructor

Build job-ready digital marketing and e-commerce skills by learning from the best.

Get started in the high-growth fields of digital marketing and e-commerce in Delhi,India. Learn to manage optimizing content for SEO,managing and executing promotional campaigns,Providing analysis and reporting.

Common job titles:Digital  Marketing Coordinator, digital marketing and promotions manager,SEO manager,SEO specialist, Content strategist, Paid Search Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Ecommerce marketing manager,Public relations manager,Public relations manager.



Skills you will gain

  • Online Marketing
  • eCommerce 
  • Content creation

  • SEO
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing

  • Keywords research
  • web site structure
  • Google Business
  • Amazon Selling

About this Course

“Digital marketing and e-commerce are interconnected, and digital marketers and e-commerce specialists have related (and sometimes overlapping) responsibilities. While digital marketing works to connect brands with people, e-commerce helps brands sell products to people. Digital marketers use online tools to reach customers and e-commerce specialists work to grow online sales. Digital marketers and e-commerce specialists both use tools and strategies that help businesses grow”  Google

What you will learn

  • Competitor analysis
  • Research ideal customer profile
  • Analyse the existing business model
  • Assess the market readiness
  • Design and Planning Support
  • Analyse target audience
  • Plan and design ecommerce & IT roadmap
  • Attracting more qualified traffic
  • Improving your conversion rate
  • Increasing your customer lifetime value

There are 7 Moudels in this Professional Course

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 7#E-Commerce Course

E-Commerce Course

Let us first understand the terms e-commerce and e-business. Electronic commerce, also termed as ecommerce, is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. These electronic systems can either be the internet or other computer