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Best digital marketing training center in Uttam Nagar-Delhi.

Learn digital marketing from 20 Years D M Experienced Instroctor

  •      43 Moduels
  •      90+ Topics
  •      4 Months Duration
  •       Assured Placement Asistance
  •      2 Year Support
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Get Job-ready Digital Marketing Skills.

eCommerce Coach The only digital marketing training institute in Uttam Nagar offering 100% Practical Training.Most suitable for Students,Freshers,Working Professionals,Entrepreneurs & Housewives


Become a Digital Marketing Specialists.

Common job titles:Digital  Marketing Coordinator, digital marketing and promotions manager,SEO manager,SEO specialist, Content strategist, Paid Search Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Ecommerce marketing manager.



Skills you will gain

  • Copy Writing
  • Content Creation 
  • Basic Graphic Designing

  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce  SEO
  • International SEO

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Insta Marketing
  • eMail Mail Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing

About eCommerce Coach

Our online marketing training center is located on Rajapuri Road Uttam Nagar.It is most suitable for professional,job seekers,freshers and students based in Bindapur,Navaada,Najafgarh,Janakpuri,Vikaspuri,Hastal,Dawarka,Jeevan Park,Dabari,Sagar Pur,Pachim Vihar,Titak Nagar.

At ecommerce Coach we are committed to growing the capability of every students,Job seekers and small business. And we see digital marketing as one of the most powerful tools to drive that growth.

In this digital marketing course, you’ll learn from the best digital marketing practitioners in Delhi,India and be able to design, implement, and execute a digital marketing strategy on all leading digital marketing platforms.

Industry whare our students can find jobs

  • Automotive
  • B2B
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment and media
  • Financial services
  • Gaming
  • Property
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Technology and telecom
  • Travel

Find out eCommerce Coach Digital Marketing Moudels or Digital Marketing Syllabus.

1#Importance of Marketing for Business.

  • Introduction to Marketing Concepts
  • different types of marketing
  • Brief History of Marketing
  • B2B,B2C,,Brand marketing case studies.

2#Digital Marketing An Introduction.

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Major Digital Marketing Modules
  • Digital Marketing Buzz
  • Digital Marketing Job Opportunitie.

3#Digital marketing plan.

Employ Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Goals and Objectives
communicate the company’s pl4

4#Content Writing

Practices and Tips for Good Article Writing
How to Craft Compelling Copy writing
Tips for Effective Content Writing.

5#Graphic Designing.

Elements and Principles of Graphic Design
Different Types of Graphic Design
Difference UX Design and Graphic Design
Smart Ways to Use Canva
Post for Local SEO and Social Media Sites.
6#Website Internal Framwork Part 1.

What is a domain name
What Is a Domain Type
Domain name vs. URL
Domain Name Search & Registration
,How to Choose the Best Domain Name.
7#Website Internal Framwork Part 2.

What is a DNS,What is Web Hosting
What is an IP Address,
Types of Web Hosting
Best Hosting Provider.
8#Basic Digital Marketing Terms.

Content Strategy
Paid Ads, CPA or Cost
Conversion Rate Optimization
and More
9#Keyword Research

What are keywords for research
How To Do Keyword Research
Parameters to Choose the Keywords
What are The Types of Keywords
Keywords Tools.
10#Steps to build a Website -Part 1.

Buy domain names and Hosting
website wireframe
Focus market
Keywords Strategy
11#Steps to build a Website -Part 2

Hire a website designer and developer
Define the type of developer you need
Post your website design job for free and hire
Review your budget.
12#Effective SEO Strategy

Search Engine
Ranking results
Google’s Ranking Factors.
13#Keyword Research for SEO

What are Keywords
Types of Keywords for SEO
Keyword Terms and Definitions
Keywords tools,Keywords Search worksheet.
14#Creating Content for SEO

Tips SEO content writing
SEO penalties
how to recover from a Google penalty
content writing worksheets .
15#On-Page SEO

Basic html tags
page hierarchy
header tag optimization
optimizing anchor text
Alt text best practices
Meta tags,canonical tag
301 redirect,404 redirect

What is snippet
How snippets work
Types of Snippets
snippet optimization
17#Search Visibility in SEO
Create Sitemap
HTML Sitemaps
XML Sitemaps
Image Sitemaps
Video Sitemaps
News Sitemaps
Mobile Sitemaps
18#-Website Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics 4
The value of digital analytics
Set up Analytics for a website and/or app
How Google Analytics works,GA4] Google Analytics hierarchyHow to navigate Analytics
Google Analytics conversions
Google Analytics Reports.

19#-Search Console

Search Console
Intro to search consloe
Reports in Search Console
Google Search manual actions
Site migration
20#-Search Engine Optimization
SEO Basics-
What is Crawling and Indexing
Ranking and search appearance.

Build an Online Business Presence On Facebook

Preparation to create a facebook page
set up the essential sections
Edit a Facebook Page
Tell a business’s story.
Find people.
Build a community.

Facebook Tools for Businesses

Status posts.
Message posts.
Feeling or activity posts
Facebook Stories
Page Insights

Facebook page awareness

Invite Friends
Content strategy
​Welcome new Page visitors​
Page ratings and reviews
Create a group for a Page

Facebook page posting tips.

Showcase products products or service
Post frequently.
Post content followers care about.
Manage and moderate your posts.
Assign Page roles

Business presence on Instagram

Create an Instagram business account.
personal account to a business account
contact information
Add a category label
Add an action button
Setting up your profile
profile picture and username

Connect with customers on Instagram

Building relationships with customers
Engaging with your audience
Regularly share content
Respond to comments

Create engaging content on Instagram

mobile-friendly content
Using different kinds of content
Creating eye-catching images
Create a single focal point.
Making videos that stand out
Write great caption
personality of the business

WhatsApp Business.

Create a profile with important business information.
Build a catalog that serves as a mobile storefront.
Increase responsiveness through automated messaging.
Unlock new ad that click to WhatsApp.

Getting started

Downloading the app
Setting up a business profile
Linking your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts
Syncing your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts

Encourage customers to interact on WhatsApp

Reaching more people
Sharing short links to start conversations
Managing a business’s messages
Greeting messages

Showcase products and services with

mobile storefront with a catalog.
Catalog management
Create and update.
Keep your catalog updated.
Include relevant and accurate titles and descriptions.
Use high quality images for your products.

Connect with customers using Meta Business Suite

Connecting your Facebook Page and Instagram account
From your Facebook Page
From your Instagram account
From Meta Business Suit

Schedule posts and stories

Creating and managing content
create a post with Meta Business Suite
create and schedule story updates
Set aside time to create and schedule content.

Use Inbox in Meta Business Suite

How to create an instant reply
use away messages
manage communications effectively

21#eCommerce SEO

What is ecommerce SEO
Value of ecommerce SEO
Intro to different areas of Google
eCommerce site SEO strategy
Product structured data
Google Merchant Center
Launch Your New eCommerce Site on google
Smart URL structure for ecommerce websites
Improve Your eCommerce Website Structure
SEO-Friendly Pagination
Strategies for Ecommerce.
22#International SEO

Multi-regional SEO
multilingual sites


Use Messenger

How to Use Messenger to Communicate With Customers
Enable new conversations through Messenger
Facebook profiles and Pages on Messenger
Engage with your audience on Messenger
Add the Send Message button to a business Page
Facebook website plugins

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Create ads from a Facebook Page
Differentiate between an ad and a Page post.
Create ads from a Facebook Page.
Boost a post to turn it into an ad.

Creating ads on Facebook

Boost a post.
Set up automated ads
Create ads for specific business goals

Tips to consider when creating an ad from your Page

Use a Page post.
Use Facebook stock images.
Run an ad continuously with a daily budget.

Create ads from your Instagram account

Set up an Instagram business profile
Turn your posts and stories into ads

Customize your ad

Choose an ad destination
More profile visits
Select your audience
Set your budget and duration
Submit and view your ad
Submit your ad

Create ads in Meta Ads Manager

Prepare to start advertising in Ads Manager
Ad account settings.
Ads Manager campaign structure
Objectives of facebook ads
Ad sets
A/B testing
Placements, budget and scheduling
sets up a campaign

Preparation create a youtube channel

Choose the Best Niche for Your YouTube Channel
Pick Your Youtube Channel Name.
Check youtube channel name availability
About info
Channel description
Cover photo
Profile Image

Youtube basic settings

Change be email address
Change language or location settings
Change your password
About YouTube Creator Demographics

Youtube channel settings

Manage channel settings
Delete or hide your channel
Re-enable hidden channel
Custom URL overview
Understand your channel’s URLs
Add or remove access to your channel
Verification badges on channels
Handles overview

Youtube notifications setting

Manage YouTube notifications
Notifications: scheduled digest
Notifications: turn off sounds & vibrations
Opt in or out of YouTube emails
Change comment notification settings

Youtube history setting

View, clear, or pause watch history
View or delete your YouTube search history

Youtube activity management

Ads on videos you watch
Change your subscription privacy settings
Hide or show likes & saved playlists

Youtube privacy management for kids

Turn Restricted Mode on or off on YouTube

Youtube privacy settings on your content

Change playlist privacy setting
Change video privacy settings

Upload videos & stories

Upload videos
Record & upload a video
Create YouTube Stories

Choose upload settings

Set default upload settings
Skip sending upload notifications
Schedule video publish time
Add tags to your YouTube videos
Video resolution & aspect ratios

Edit your videos

Remove claimed content from videos
Use music and sound effects from the Audio Library
Mention channels in video titles & descriptions
Video Chapters

Edit Youtube video settings

Edit video settings
Change video privacy settings
Change video distribution
Your content on YouTube Kids

Optimize your videos
Add video thumbnails on YouTube
Add end screens to videos
Add info cards to videos
Trim your videos

Manage your videos

Download YouTube videos that you’ve uploaded
Replace or delete your video
Make bulk changes to videos
How engagement metrics are counted

Manage “made for kids” videos

Determining if your content is “made for kids”
Set your channel or video’s audience
Check if your video’s audience is set as made for kids

Create Shorts on Youtube

Get started creating YouTube Shorts
Create YouTube Shorts
Create YouTube Shorts from your videos
Create YouTube Shorts with remixed content
Reply to comments with your YouTube Shorts
Upload YouTube Shorts

Use YouTube Studio to manage your channel

Navigate YouTube Studio
Use the YouTube Studio dashboard
Manage playlists in YouTube Studio
Check your recent subscribers

Change your channel homepage

Channel customization

Customize YouTube channel layout
Manage your channel branding
Manage your YouTube channel’s basic info

Optimize your channel

Why your channel or video isn’t in YouTube search results
What to Watch Next Module
Promote your videos
Pick a strategy for reaching global audiences

Analyze performance with analytics

YouTube Analytics basics

Get an overview of channel performance
Understand your content reach and engagement
Check your impressions and click-through rate

Translate videos, subtitles, & captions

Add subtitles & captions
Edit or remove captions
Use automatic captioning
Translate your own video titles & descriptions
Supported subtitle and closed caption files

Manage comments

Choose comment settings
Learn about comment settings
Review and reply to comments
Hide users from your channel
Manage spam in comments

Get started with live streaming

Create a live stream via webcam
Create a live stream on mobile
Promote your live stream
Streaming tips
Moderate live chat
Invite a guest to your live stream with Go Live Together